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Note: filling out this form is not mandatory, but appreciated, and does not automatically add your submitted work to our team's stats, you need to attribute your work separately on the appropriate Distributed.Net stats page as described in the usage section. Note that RC5 rates are used as an approximate power rating for historical reasons only, although it's not used yet you can submit OGR rate in the comment field.

Always enter the number of the machine you submit, you can reuse this number to update a previous entry (this may be different from the member list order, which is alphabetically sorted).

Please complete a form for each machine separately, if you have several identical machines one form for those is enough if you also enter that number in the appropriate field.

After submission you will get a 'thank you' page but no other confirmation, the member list is usually updated at most a few days after changes, please do not resubmit if it doesn't appear immediately - the client's operation is independent of the member list and the admin might be on holiday :)


Read the usage section, amongst others it explains how to use non-networked machines and how to attribute your work to our effort, since this does not automatically happen!

If you have any additional questions or problems with this form, please ask the coordinator (address obscured to thwart spambots, replace the at with @ and remove the capitalized word).

CPU notes

Please enter the actual clockspeed in MHz instead of the (marketing) speed rating denoted by a 3-4 digit type number, a '+' or 'PR' (Pentium Rating). For example the actual speed of an Athlon XP 2200+ is 1800 MHz and that of a Sempron 2200+ only 1500 MHz. The actual clockspeed of a CPU can be found in various ways, easiest is using a utility like CPU-Z (Windows) or 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' (Linux, this may be inaccurate if you are overclocking and have changed the clock multiplier). There are also several lists around with this info.

CPU enhancements such as AltiVec/3DNow!/MMX/SSE etc. are mostly only explicitly mentioned in the CPU list below if necessary for distinction and making a difference in speed between CPUs of the same type with and without the extension (for example all G4's have AltiVec, so even though this speeds up RC5 a lot it is implicit to this CPU so not listed separately). The 'A' distinction behind Celerons is basically only needed for the 300 MHz model, but for clarity please use Celeron A for all newer chips including Celeron II (the CPU could be overclocked so it's not immediately obvious from the MHz number). The CPU list will be kept up to date and changed as necessary, ask in the comment section, or mail if you're not sure about what to fill in, or if you spot a mistake of course.

If you have a PowerPC card for your Amiga, please choose the appropriate combination of PPC + 68k. If you have an SMP/multicore setup, list the total keyrate and note in the comment section how many CPUs or cores are in use of how many total (unless otherwise noted we assume multicore CPUs are fully used).

Note any special setups this form does not cater for in the comment section (such as running both 68k and PPC overclocked for example).

OS notes

Please only fill in one OS, the one which you run the client most of the time under (or the client does the most work in, as you prefer). This could theoretically be UAE or Amithlon, but obviously for now a native client on the same machine is much faster, so should be used if possible (like during the night when your machine doesn't do anything else, if it's switched on at least). For Linux, note the distro name as well.

If you do use a PC with Amithlon mostly, check 'PClone' and 'Amithlon/AmigaOS 3.9' in the form.


We do need your E-mail for feedback but it will be kept confidential if you checkmark the anonymous checkbox (the last form always counts, so if you want to become anonymous, just resubmit with the checkbox ticked and vice versa, note that this means you should remember to always check the anonymous box if you want to remain anonymous). If you change E-mail, just resubmit a form with the new E-mail and note the old address in the comment box. Don't forget that you need to retire your old E-mail on the server yourself if you switch to a new E-mail, this is separate from this member list submission. Please don't send us any info unless you are actually participating in the Amiga effort.

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AmigaOne (-A1-C)
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Operating System:

AmigaOS 2.x
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AmigaOS 3.5
AmigaOS 3.9
AmigaOS 4 developer prerelease
AmigaOS 4.0 'Final update'
AmigaOS 4.1
Amithlon/AmigaOS 3.9
Windows 3.1x
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows Millennium
Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)
Windows XP
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Windows Vista
Windows 2008
Windows 7
Windows X
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Benchmark (only RC5!):


(Kilo = 1000, divide keys per second benchmark by 1000,
round off to whole numbers and enter here)
If you run the PPC and 68k Amiga clients
together, specify total REAL WORLD rate,
i.e. not the benchmarks, but look in your logs

Enter any comments here (OGR benchmark would be nice for now too, it may be used later)

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